How to Apply Foundation

by Madeleine Borgersen

Foundation. It can make you or break you. Here’s our top tips on how to apply foundation like a pro!

How to Apply Foundation

1. Choose your colour

It’s so important, repeat so important to choose the correct foundation colour. You want to choose a colour that blends seamlessly into your skin colour so that you don’t look like you’re wearing a makeup mask. You can always fake your way to a bronze glow with powder bronzer, but keep your foundation on check!

To pick the right colour ensure you’re testing it in day light, artificial lights at cosmetic counters can often distort colours so best bet is to ask for a sample to take home and double check. At a chemist or department store apply some to your jawline and walk outside to get the correct colour match. If you’re looking for one at the supermarket without testers, and you don’t know your colour, stop, walk out and find a tester!

2. Pick your tool

You can use a range of different tools to apply foundation, your fingers, a sponge or a brush. Different brands or types of foundation are  created to be used with different tools but overall, it’s up to you and what you prefer.

Fingers will generally give you a lighter coverage, brushes a fuller coverage and sponges a more airbrushed finish.

I’ve personally dabbled with all of these tools each with their blessings and curses. Brushes would have to be my stand-out pick due to the great coverage they give and their ability to be easily cleaned and a good quality sponge to finish off with the perfect finish.

3. Apply from the centre out

Apply the foundation from your nose out avoiding any harsh lines around the jawline. If you need coverage around the jawline, take the foundation down your neck to blend it out. Otherwise, keep the foundation coverage to the centre of your face; nose and cheeks where you need the skin evened out, making sure to blend it into the skin.

4. Conceal After Foundation

Use your concealer after your foundation.

  1. The concealer will sit better, with less creases on top of foundation.
  2. You’ll use less product with most blemishes being covered already with your foundation.

5. Set!

Don’t forget to set your foundation with a powder. Translucent powders are great at setting liquid foundation without making your finished look too matte and heavy.

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