Best of the Brand: Tigi

by Madeleine Borgersen

Tigi has always been a leader in hair styling products, I don’t think there’s ever been a time in my life post primary school that I’ve not had either a Tigi, Bedhead or S Factor (all Tigi brands!) product in my vanity.

Best of the Brand: Tigi


One of the best treatments you can apply to dry hair (saves so much unnecessary jumping in and out of the shower!) the Tigi Nocturnal Therapy treats advanced damage (yes, when all hope is lost!) by sealing your hair’s cuticle and replenishing lipids back to the hair, regenerating the core of the strand.

It does all of this while smelling amazing. I seriously could just leave it in my hair 24/7 because it smells so good. Pop it in your mid-lengths to ends and leave in over night (a shower cap comes in handy here as I find towels on the pillow tend to move  through the night). In the morning shampoo and condition as normal and let everyone marvel over your gorgeous, healthy locks.

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