Best Fake Tans for Fair Skin

by Madeleine Borgersen

Wanting a bit of a faux glow but nervous about turning into a carrot? We’ve got the top fake tans for even the fairest skinned beauties!

Best Fake Tans for Fair Skin

1. Bondi Sands – Self Tanning Foam – $19.99

Super quick drying and gorgeously coloured, the Bondi Sands mousses are perfect for fair skin.

A green based colour means zero orange tones. It fades evenly meaning no patchiness and for fake tan, it smells ok!

Available in mousse, spray and a wash-off formula their perfect colour is available for any application preference.

2. St Tropez – Luxe Dry Oil – $48

Perfect for fair skinned beauties with dry skin, the St Tropez luxe dry oil moisturises as it tans and soaks in super quick.

With illuminating particles throughout the oil, it’s the perfect tan to apply last minute and allow to work it’s magic throughout the day.

The shade is dark enough to make sure you haven’t missed a spot, but also light enough that you don’t have to walk around looking dirty with tan residue waiting for it to develop.

3. ModelCo – Gradual Tan – $15

My favourite of daily tanning moisturisers. ModelCo Gradual Tan can be used as a buildable tanning moisturiser or tan extender.

A beautiful honey tone, the ModelCo Gradual tan smells of summer fruits and dries super quick.

Whether you use it by itself for a summer long glow or as a booster for another of our tanning picks, it’s a definite must have for your summer stash!

4. JBronze – Dark Tanning Cream – $29.99

Don’t be frightened off by the title, the jBronze Dark Tanning Cream is a gorgeously golden tan, perfect for even us fair folk.

The jBronze tanning cream is non-greasy and packed with super moisturisers including shea butter, coconut and argan oil and cranberry extract.

Mimic the brand creator’s gorgeous glow with her easy to apply cream.


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  1. Oh so good! There’s some definite beauties here! x

  2. I’m in with the promise of a tan that smells like summer fruits!! Gonna give it a go! x

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