Body Contouring Treatments to Rid Fat Cells

by Carla Horvath

Celebrity weight loss secrets you will want to try!

If you are like me you probably had one too many sugary cocktails over summer and now need to get back into a routine for an upcoming holiday (or wedding!).

I have been hitting the gym hard and trying to fit in a few F45 morning classes. The results, of course, aren’t instant and I can easily become discouraged which leads to eating my sorrows away.

Non-invasive treatments have always been an interest of mine so I did some research on alternative treatments that will compliment a new healthy lifestyle. I wanted an extra push to get my motivation going so I went to the Body Catalyst to check out the weight loss treatments available.

They offer both Cryolipolysis (freezes fat cells) and Cavitation (heats up fat cells) to help reduce stubborn fat (or just squishy bits all over). I decided to try both treatments in conjunction with each other.

Cryo takes about 2 months to see the final results as the dead cells are frozen then whisked away naturally by your lymphatic system once dead. Sounds a bit scary but your cells are constantly being renewed with the dead cells being eliminated. This is a more permanent solution so I decided to treat the back of my arms which is where my most stubborn fat cells call home.

There was a cooling sensation at first but truly wasn’t painful and only took about 45 minutes. You are a bit red afterwards but this goes away pretty quickly. I had the treatment about a month ago and while my arms are still a bit wobbly, the area has definitely improved.

Cavitation is a more instant result but not as permanent as Cryo so I decided to get rid of my muffin top fast. The process is pretty simple and painless with no redness or side effects at all. This treatment uses low-frequency radio waves to break up fat cells and can be used to treat cellulite too.

That fat cells are essentially liquefied and processed through the lymphatic system over 72 hours. I could see results from the cavitation straight away (3 cm) which was a great confidence booster and gave me more motivation.

These treatments are bespoke allowing you to essentially contour your body. Each process takes about 45 minutes so it can easily be squeezed into your schedule if you have a special occasion around the corner.

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