5 of The Best Cleansing Conditioners To Replace Your Shampoo

by Madeleine Borgersen

Co-washing, or conditioner only washing has gathered a cult following recently with the one-step washing method ditching drying detergents and sulfates found in many shampoos and replacing them with cleansing conditioner hybrids that clean strands and condition in one.

5 of The Best Hair Cleansing Conditioners To Replace Your Shampoo

Ditch dry, damaged locks and shorten your shower routine with these cleansing conditioners.

Cleansing Conditioners cleanse, balance and refresh your hair without stripping your scalp of natural oils and nutrients. Thinking you want to be rid of the oil, that’s the point of washing? Think again. Your scalp likes a balance of oil, too much and your locks go limp, too little and your hair becomes dry and brittle. Your scalp naturally likes to maintain the perfect balance and if you’re overusing a stripping shampoo it will produce more oil, to get you back to that perfect balance. Instead, leave a little oil on that scalp and your body will continue with it’s normal production levels meaning, less oily tresses and more days between washes.

Cleansing conditioners replace your shampoo and conditioner cleansing your scalp and hair with gentle, detergent-free formulas that don’t lather (as they’re sulfate free) but leave your locks clean, soft, frizz-free and hydrated.

Perfect for dry, damaged, colour treated and curly hair, here are five of our favourite co-washing companions.

SachaJuan Cleansing Cream ($59)

SachaJuan’s Hair Cleansing Cream is the secret to enjoying that perfect ‘second day’ hair everyday. With their Ocean Silk Technology that uses natural sea algae to heal your hair and conditioning waxes from natural vegetable oils the new SachaJuan Cleansing Cream leaves you with shiny, soft and easy-to-style hair every wash.

Shu Umuera Cleansing Oil Shampoo ($75)

We love cleansing oils for our skin and Shu Umuera’s Cleansing Oil Shampoo continues the trend. Perfect for any hair type or texture the formula transforms from an oil to a foam-like texture to remove excess oil and product buildup adding back bounce, body and shine.

With a yuzu citrus scent and brilliantly shiny results this one is a must-try.

R + Co Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner ($40)

Addicted to the feeling of building up those suds when you’re washing your hair? Try this foaming cleansing conditioner from R+Co.

Still free from any sulfates, this mousse-like formula contains argan oil and nettle leaf extract to cleanse and treat your tresses perfectly.

Biolage Cleansing Conditioner ($37)

With a slightly varied formula for every hair type the Biolage Cleansing Conditioners are the perfect balance between cleansing and conditioning giving you bouncy gorgeous hair every wash.

PURELY PERFECT Cleansing Crème Shampoo ($71.50)

Purely Perfect’s Cleansing Crème uses Aloe Vera to gently cleanse with a refreshing fragrance leaving your locks hydrated and silky smooth.

With essential oils in the mix, this cleansing crème shampoo creates the perfect balance, effortlessly.


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