Tried & Tested: Klorane’s Answer to Lifeless, Brittle Hair

by Madeleine Borgersen

Whether it be due to stress, hormones or even just genetics, lifeless and brittle hair is something we’ll all potentially face at some point.

Tried & Tested: Klorane's Answer to Lifeless, Brittle Hair

Klorane’s Quinine Shampoo & Conditioner is a power duo against dull, lifeless hair.

From noticing a lot more hair heading towards the shower drain when washing or ending up over your clothes after a day out, lifeless hair that can be falling out is a hard condition to take control of. Until now.

Klorane, French haircare company, famous for their phenomenal dry shampoo, offers the perfect shampoo/conditioner duo to strengthen hair and prevent loss during your regular washing routine. No extra steps.

What’s even better is that it really works. Using the quinine plant extract, Klorane’s Shampoo & Conditioner for dull, lifeless hair strengthens hair from within preventing snapping, loss and dull, lifelessness.

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