How to Apply Fake Tan Like a Pro

by Madeleine Borgersen

Whether it’s to rock a gorgeous gown at the races or for a last-minute celebration just because it’s Friday, fake tan can make or break your look. Learn how to never have a faux glow faux pas again with these top tanning tips from Makeup Artist and Tanning Expert, Michael Brown.

How to Apply Fake Tan Like a Pro

Makeup Artist and Tanning Expert Michael Brown has the top tips and tricks to help you perfect that faux glow every time!

What sort of prep do we need to be thinking about prior to tanning? What’s the answer to the age old question? To moisturise right before tanning or the night before?

Tan prep is all about adding moisture into your body prior to a tan – this makes the tan last much longer. However, you should not moisturise the day of the tan application as it can weaken the colour. Instead, moisturise only the areas that could attain tan build up such as, hands, elbows, knees and feet.

How to Apply Fake Tan Like a Pro

The secret weapon to a flawless finish? St Tropez’ tanning mitt!

How can we ensure we’re left with a streak-free and zero ‘missed spots’ tan?

It’s all about the St Tropez Tan Applicator mitt. It makes application so much easier as it is flat and smooth, as opposed to our hands which have natural grooves where tan can get caught and then cause a streak. When applying tan, always start from the feet and work up the body for a smooth and crease-free application.

How to Apply Fake Tan Like a Pro

The newest addition to the cult tanning brand, St Tropez’ Gradual Tan ‘In Shower’ is a must-have for busy guys and gals on the go!

If we’re already rocking a fake tan from the weekend, that’s a few days old but still pretty babin’, what are some ways to amp up the glow without going too dark with another application?

I love using the St Tropez Gradual Tan In-Shower for amping up an existing tan. A gradual tan, gives a glow rather than a full colour. Plus it adds moisture to revive a tan that may be a few days old. To apply, simply wash your body in the shower, turn off or step away from water, apply the Gradual Tan In Shower formula, wait 3 mins, rinse and you are done! I love the convenience.

How to Apply Fake Tan Like a Pro

No fuss, no time and no stains. The St Tropez Instant Tan is a last-minute saviour!

For those of us that might leave the beauty prep a little too late, what’s a way to faux a gorgeous glow quickly?

I work as a makeup artist, and find that often models I work with cannot have a self-tan applied due to other skin commitments that week. To combat this I love using the St Tropez Instant, Wash Off Tan. It is amazing for giving an instant bronze to the body and the colour is visible upon application, making it so easy to use.  For best results, apply with the St.Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt to ensure a smooth application.

How can we keep our tan looking it’s best for the rest of the week?

It really is all about the moisture levels in the skin when it comes to tan longevity. The more moisturiser applied daily the better. This will leave your tan nourished and prevent it fading in a patchy state. Plus it gives the body great glow. I love the St.Tropez Tan Enhancing Moisturiser!


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