How to Epilate the Easy Way

by Madeleine Borgersen

So most people probably realise by now that epilating isn’t as fun as they made it out to be in those early commercials. Still it can be an effective way of hair removal and with a few tips not as painful as you once thought.

How to Epilate the Easy Way

Epilation doesn’t have to be like a scene from Scream. With a bit of preparation it can be a quick and easy way of hair removal for those that don’t have time to shave or head to the salon.

Here’s how to epilate the easy way!

1. For the Pain-Haters

If you’re really anti-pain try applying  a numbing cream 1-2 hours before epilating. It will numb the skin and you will immediately transfer from scaredy cat to Wonder Woman.

Opt for an epilator with lots of tweezers. The more there are, the quicker your job will be done!

If it’s your first time epilating, try it after you’ve had a leg wax grow back. Generally your hair will already be thinner and easier for the plucking!

2. Steam it Up

Take a hot shower before epilating or better yet invest in a wet/dry epilator so you can epilate in the shower.

The hot steam will open your pores allowing for easier (and therefore less painful and more effective) extraction. Over time your skin gets used to the epilation with your hair growing back thinner and less dense.

3. Exfoliate

Although epilating does exfoliate your skin (bye bye ingrown hairs!) it’s a good idea to give your skin a scrub prior to exfoliating. This will remove any excess oil from the skin and bring any flat-lying hairs up for a quicker and more effective removal process.

Coffee scrubs like the new La Mav Coffee Scrub (available October 4) will not only prep your skin ready for exfoliation but also treat your skin for cellulite, scarring and dullness. Love a good multitasker!

4. Keep the skin taught

Keep your skin taught to minimise the pain and reach all those hairs.

Another strange tip? Stand on one leg. As weird as it sounds, it actually hurts less. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that you’re thinking about balancing or if it tightens the skin somehow but standing on one leg while you epilate the other seriously diminishes any pain.

Likewise bending your arm with your hand behind your neck is the perfect way to epilate your underarms.

5. Soothe & Hydrate

Post epilation soothe any irritation in the skin and hydrate those lovely smooth legs with a great body serum or oil like Arbonne’s Body Serum or the Nuxe Dry Body Oil.

With those pores now hair free any goodness from your moisturisers, oils and serums will sink right in!

Have you used an epilator before? Have any tips you’d like to share?


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