How to Get A Whiter Smile with Bianca Cheah

by Madeleine Borgersen

Aching for a whiter and brighter smile but hate the sensitivity you feel with most whitening toothpastes? Have your white smile and your ice cream too with Bianca Cheah’s top tips to brightening your teeth.

How to Get A Whiter Smile with Bianca Cheah

A bright and white smile isn’t as hard to achieve as you might think. Sportluxe founder, Bianca Cheah shares her tips to keeping that smile white! Image via Bianca Cheah

1. I set aside 5 mins every morning and night to brush and floss my teeth.

Without fail, I brush and floss my teeth every morning and every night, the key is the technique and time, I give myself five minutes and I think it’s worth every minute.

I love giving my teeth (and gums) a proper floss and I brush twice daily with my Sensodyne True White Toothpaste,which relieves the pain associated with my sensitive teeth while keeping my teeth clean (I love a multi-tasker). I’m proud of my teeth and want to care for them as much as I can.

2. I rinse my mouth out with water as much as I can

I drink water after everything that goes in my mouth. I know you’re probably thinking “yeah, whatever, she always drinks water”… but, think of water as a natural mouthwash.

Imagine sipping on a glass of red wine and what that wine does to your teeth -it will eventually stain the teeth, right?

Sipping on water whilst you’re drinking wine, or even flushing your mouth out afterwards, will help to dilute the wine down in your mouth and minimise the staining. Think of this with everything you pop in your mouth, even food!

3. I always use a hydrating lip balm

If you look in my day-to-day handbag, you’ll find about five or so varieties of lip balm. I can’t leave the house without them. Glossy, plump lips are the perfect frame to healthy white teeth. Plus, balms with a reddish tint not only add a touch of glamour to my look they also make my teeth look whiter…and who doesn’t want that!


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