How to Speed Up Your Blow Dry

by Madeleine Borgersen

Sick of spending hours styling your mane? Skip the styling stress and speed up that blow dry time with these simple tips.

How to Speed Up Your Blow Dry

Sick of spending hours styling your mane? Speed it up with these top tips!

Finish Your Wash Cold

Just before jumping out of that shower, switch your hot water down and rinse your locks through the cold water. This will seal the cuticle making your mane silkier and smoother, taking out some of the hard work during styling.

Wrap It Up

Instead of grabbing for that dryer straight from the shower, wrap your hair up in a towel or microfiber hair turban.

You can’t style soaking wet hair, so save your arms some trouble and let the towel dry those locks 60-70% of the way first.

Speed Things Up With a Spray

Introduce a product specifically for blow drying. Label.M’s Blow Out Spray not only protects your locks from the heat but also creates volume and adds shine, saving on that styling time.

Cheat the Heat

Opt for a hair dryer that’s temperature sensitive like Dyson’s new Supersonic Hair Dryer. By checking the temperature during your style time and adjusting to keep it at the perfect styling point you end up with perfectly dried and styled hair without the heat damage.

It also offers a new super sexy, slimline design that means no more strands getting caught mid-style and cleaning is a breeze, as well as a concentrated, high-velocity air flow that makes drying time quicker and easier.

Style by Section

Instead of spending hours trying to dry each side of your hair in one clump, section out your locks. Not only will your hair dry faster when it’s not surrounded by thousands of other soaked strands, it will also be easier to style.


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