Body Makeup Tips That Will Leave You Looking Flawless

by Carla Horvath

We have put together the ultimate how-to and shopping guide for the very best in body makeup with the help of Australia’s leading makeup artists.

Body Makeup Tips That Will Leave You Looking Flawless

Michael Brown Beauty via Instagram.

So what’s the difference between body makeup and self-tanner?

Celebrity Makeup Artist Victoria Baron explains that body makeup can cover uneven skin tones, veins, stretch marks, tattoos, birthmarks and bruises. Or it can be a tool to highlight areas with tinted hydration, shimmer and metallics.

Instant tanner is great for giving a bronze glow to the skin and warming up the skin tones. Think of it as more of a stain to the skin.

The beauty of body makeup is you can decide on the coverage range and texture. Its not always about going browner or bronzer. An alabaster skin tone can use body makeup to knock out any red or purple tones in the skin.

Victoria Baron

Carol Mackie M.A.C Senior Artist recommends using M.A.C Face and Body Foundation for those of us who don’t want to change our skin tone but still need a touch-up, “it is an amazing product that is light in texture and is like a second skin. It is great because you can build it to be as heavy as you like.”

“We want the body to be an extension of the face so the make up should work together. For a beach photoshoot we want the skin to glow so highlighting the body is essential.”

Carol Mackie

Just like the face, less is more when it comes to using a highlighter, Carol recommends applying M.A.C Mineralized Skin Finish Powder with a #116 Brush down the centre of the legs, across collarbone, shoulders and down the arms to avoid looking too overdone.

If you need a coat of confidence and prefer skin perfecters with a dab of colour, Sally Hansen and St. Tropez both have products that add no-commitment colour. Pick an aerosol for an airbrushed look or a lotion for extra hydration. Work quickly because they dry fast!

Carol Mackie Makeup Via Instagram

Carol Mackie makeup via Instagram

So how does Michael Brown get the stars looking so fresh? Well aside from using St Tropez Perfect Legs he sometimes mixes matte foundations and concealer to pin-point areas that need coverage, such as a scar, stretch mark or bruising. This saves him time with retouching and gives a more flawless effect to the body.

“Much like when applying foundation to the face, applying self-tan only works well when the skin is moisturised. Making sure the body has enough moisture to accept products seamlessly is key to success. Dry skin highlights that you have applied something over the skin, therefore looking unnatural.”

Michael Brown

Michaels’ best tip is less is best because you can always add more. It also helps to check the body makeup in different lighting, preferably natural light. This will give you the best visual confidence that your application is natural and not overdone. When in doubt, take a photo with the flash on and see if the body makeup shades are correct!

For those super special occasions, preparation is key. Take the time to exfoliation in the shower, use an epilator for an extra smooth shave and then finish off with an in-shower lotion. Follow with your body makeup of choice!


What’s in the Pro’s Kit

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 4.42.10 PM

Victoria Baron makeup via Instagram

Carol Mackie

  • To even out skin tone M.A.C Face and Body Foundation
  • For covering tattoos, stretch marks and bruises M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer Palettes
  • For a super shine use M.A.C Prep and Prime Careblend Essential Oils

Michael Brown

  • St.Tropez Instant Wash Off Tan in Medium/Dark. I sometimes mix this with moisturiser if only a light glow is required or there is a case of dry skin.
  • M.A.C Face and Body for concealing any marks on the skin. I recommend doing this after self-tan is applied, to ensure the correct shade is used.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Super Model for highlighting. This gives a contour effect to the body, highlighting only the areas you want light to focus on.

Victoria Baron

  • Model CO Bronze Dry Touch 50+ for bronzing the skin with no shimmer and high sun protection.
  • ERA Spray Foundation is used for shows or shoots where the makeup absolutely can’t get on the clothes. Once its dry  even a white swimming costume survives mark free.
  • J Bronze Application Mitt is the perfect for application of all things body. It saves your hands from the product and has a special thumb area so you can really grip around legs and arms.


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