How to Apply Eyeshadow

by Madeleine Borgersen

Let’s just say when I found out there was a different way to apply eyeshadow than using your index finger and smearing it over, I was as shocked as you were.

Of course, I love getting handsy with my makeup and some of the cream eyeshadows and paint pots out there are amazing when warmed up and applied with your fingers.

If you’re wondering how to apply eyeshadow and what the hell a crease is however, this post is for you!

There are three main areas mentioned when applying eyeshadow – the inner corner, the outer corner and the crease.

1. The Inner Corner

This is the section closest to your nose. To open up your eyes you want to use a lighter colour in this section, this – like highlighting your cheekbones – brings that section forward and opens it up. You can also apply your highlighter (or lightest eyeshadow colour) just under the arch of your brow to lift and open this area, giving the illusion of a higher brow.

2. The Outer Corner

This is where you’ll apply your base eyeshadow colour. You can also apply this base colour close to your lower lash line if you’re wanting a smokey effect.

3. The Crease

This is where your eyelid goes in, the top of your eyeball. If you put your finger on your lid you’ll feel your eyeball and then above that the top of the ball where it dips in. This is where you will apply your darkest colour which will bring this section back and give the illusion of more depth, again bringing the rest of the eye forward.

A few other terms you may have heard:

The Outer ‘V’

This V shape is made by making a horizontal v or ‘>’ through the crease of the eye and across the upper lash line only on the outer edge of the eye. This is again where you want to place your darker colour.

Upper Lash Line & Lower Lash Line

Even I’ve mentioned these two today. This is literally a line that runs parallel to your eyelashes, upper is on the lid and lower underneath the eye.


The inner rim of the eye, top is underneath your top lashes and bottom is between your lower lashes and your eye. Where you would typically apply eyeliner pencil.

The biggest thing to remember when applying eye shadow is to have fun! Experiment with colours and shapes that suit you as your eyes are going to be different to everyone else out there.

Also remember to blend, blend, blend! You want the colours to blend into one another like one of those fully-sick cars with the metallic paint jobs not be totally separate. I find for this it’s easier to start with the lighter colour first and work your way to the darker colour, applying a little colour at a time!

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