How To Pick The Perfect Nude Lipstick

by Madeleine Borgersen

Looking for the perfect nude lippie to add to your collection? One that gives that pout a subtle boost, doesn’t wash you out and is oh so glam? Here’s our top tips for finding the perfect nude pout!

How To Pick The Perfect Nude Lipstick

1. Match Your Lip Colour & Undertone

Many people try and grab a nude lipstick that matches their skin tone. Don’t! Opt for one that subtly matches your lip colour and undertone.

Not sure of your undertone? Take a look at your wrist. If your veins are blue it’s a cool or blue undertone or more greenish you’re a yellow or warm undertone. Can’t tell? Chances are you fall in the middle and lucky for you, you can rock a lippie shade from either side!

Nude lipsticks that are more pinkish or berry are great for cool undertone lasses and warmer beiges, caramels and corals are perfect for warm undertones!

2. Choose Your Finish

Matte or Velvet? Shiny or sheer? Choose a nude lipstick that’s going to suit the look you’re going for as well as your lifestyle. Matte lipsticks look both old school glam and last longer with fewer touchups, sheer options are great for those going for a less is more look and the nude glosses or shine finishes perfect for that high maintenance, but oh-so-worth-it pout!

3. Keep it Defined

If you don’t have a naturally strong lip line (and let’s face it, who does?) line your lips with a lip liner a shade darker than your chosen lipstick. Want to step it up even more? Lightly shade in the sides of your lips keeping the mid-section bare before applying your nude lipstick for a contoured, full pout.

What’s your go-to nude lippie? Have you found your perfect shade?


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One response to “How To Pick The Perfect Nude Lipstick”

  1. Awesome tips Madeleine! I’m always wanting a nude lipstick because I don’t wear a lot of makeup often go a natural look but hate constantly putting on lip balms! Kate, Wondrous x