Mimic the Muse

Mimic the Muse: Lana Del Rey

by Madeleine Borgersen

With a her new album being blasted all week, it’s made me want to rock the Lana Del Rey signature 60’s style even more.

Mimic the Muse: Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey rocks a very 60’s style makeup very similar to Adele. Her skin is simple with heavy eyes and neutral (plump, amazing and enviable) lips. Here’s how to recreate it yourself!

1. Simple Skin

Keep your skin simple and perfect a la Lana Del Rey with a great coverage foundation and under eye concealer. Use a matte bronzer to contour your cheekbones and temples and down the sides of your nose. That’s it! Well for the base!

2. Keep Contouring

Next we’re going to contour your eyelids. Lana Del Rey has heavy liner but not any full-lid colour. The Too Faced Boudoir Palette is perfect for this look as it has every shade you’ll need, a light cream to neutralise your eye lid. Then use your windscreen motion in the crease to apply your eyeshadow, first the mid-brown (blending out well!) and then the purple over the brown.

Apply a winged liner either with gel or liquid eyeliner if you prefer. Take it right from the inner of your eye to the outside and quite thick. Use a black powder eyeshadow to apply a line of liner under your eye, keep it small and close to the eye to avoid resembling Lana Del Panda.

Use a white or nude eyeliner pencil on your lower water line (the line in between your eyeball and lower lashes). This will open up the eye and prevent it from being closed up with the heavy black on either side.

3. Lash it up!

Lana Del Rey loves some lashes! Grab a strip of lashes and apply them to your top and lower lashes (yep you can get bottom false lashes!)

Apply them like a boss (it helps to put on mascara first and then apply them, gives it something to grip to!)

4. Finishing Touches

Apply a cool matte nude like MAC Blankety (dab it down with your fingers to mattify it!) and fill your brows to perfection.

Voila! Who’s going to try this look themselves? Don’t forget to instagram it and tag us @thedailymark we’d love to see it!


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