The New Foundation The World Is Obsessing Over That Costs Less Than Your Lunch

by Madeleine Borgersen

The Ordinary by Deciem, creators of serious skincare have branched into the cosmetics world with their first serum foundation launching in Australia from the end of the month.

The New Foundation The World Is Obsessing Over That Costs Less Than Your Lunch

The Ordinary’s New Foundations, ‘Colours’ offers natural and full coverage for less than the cost of your lunch.

With over a 25,000 person waitlist online the brand’s first foray into foundation, simply called ‘Colours’ is already achieving cult status overseas offering 21 shades and 2 coverage options (natural, medium coverage in their Serum Foundation and a fuller coverage in their Coverage Foundation) for everyone to find their perfect fit.

What makes it even more appealing is their price point. Set to sell for $12.70 and $12.90 respectively (and yes that’s Australian Dollars!), the Colour by The Ordinary foundations are one of the cheapest foundations in the market but you can bet with their focus on power-packed ingredients these beauties will hold their own against many higher priced competitors.

The Colour foundations by The Ordinary promise to be easier to apply also with their pigments suspended in a unique spreadability system, allowing for an even coverage that effortlessly combines with the skin. This suspension of pigment gives a super natural finish, so much so that most customers will be able to use 2 or even 3 shades that perfectly match their tone.

Long-lasting, durable and breathable the foundations promise to not set into any fine lines and offer a popular semi-matte finish.

The Ordinary Colours Foundations will be available to purchase online at and in DECIEM stores in Sydney and Melbourne from late April 2017.

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