Pricey vs Priceline

Pricey vs Priceline: Nude Lip Liner

by Madeleine Borgersen

Whether you’re wanting to visibly enlarge your lips a la Kylie Jenner or not, a good nude lip liner is a must-have makeup staple. Should you pay or save for one though?

Pricey vs Priceline: Nude Lip Liner

Pricey: MAC – Lip Pencil – Subculture – $30

MAC’s lip pencil in Subculture is a gorgeous pink based nude perfect for lining and filling the lips. It’s a lighter tone than Soar (the shade Kylie Jenner uses herself to get that gorgeous 90’s pout).

You can also wear the nude shade lip liners under any shade of lippie or add a little extra to buff up those lips, the MAC Lip Pencil’s have a smooth and creamy texture and stick tight all day.

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