Runway to Real Life: Divergent Liner

by Madeleine Borgersen

Wondering how to rock this futuristic inspired double liner look? Don’t worry it’s not too hard at all! Here’s the how-to on all things Divergent Liner.

Runway to Real Life: Divergent Liner

I love a good liner, on my top lashes, I’m not a big adventurer into the realm of lower liner often finding it to be quite harsh or drowning on the eye area. When I noticed this look coming up more and more on the catwalk (most notably Dior) I just had to give it a try.

The Divergent liner is a paired down, futuristic version of a double-liner look. It’s made up of a traditional cat-eye winged liner on the top lash line and a separate but equally as precise line from half way across the lower lash line and straight out.

The two lines remain disconnected meaning the finished look is quite contemporary but also quite open, meaning no closed in, tiny peephole eyes for me!

The liner is a great option for anyone that wants to try something a bit different from the double liner smokey – I didn’t take my makeup off last night look.

To pull off a divergent liner look follow our steps for applying gel eyeliner on the top lashes and then simply add another stroke of liner starting from the outside (line it up with the outer point of the top line) and come straight in meeting up with just under your iris on the lower lash line.

To make it less runway and more real life team it with plenty of mascara. This dims the intensity of the separate lines and makes it a lot more wearable without losing the eye opening yet defining effect that divergent liner gives.

If you’re worried about staying power you can go over the top with an angled liner brush with a bit of black eyeshadow to set the beauty for good – just be careful not to smudge too much!

2 responses to “Runway to Real Life: Divergent Liner”

  1. Sarah says:

    This looks gorgeous on you! I’m a big fan of liner but like you I’ve never tried to do anything on the lower lashes. Definitely agree that you’d need LOTS of mascara to balance it out.

    Sarah | More Than Adored