Top Products for Killer Eyebrows

by Madeleine Borgersen

I love my eyebrows. I sometimes have nightmares that someone’s going to come in and shave them off. I haven’t been to a school camp in about 15 years so I doubt it will happen but still, it worries me more than it should.

Here are my top lust-have eyebrow products to keep them looking mighty fine!

1. MAC Eyebrow Pencil – Lingering – $30

love this product. The one thing I don’t like about it so much is that I use them up so super quickly. I only allow myself to buy one every 6 months or so, but when I do have it, wow I love it! It’s a cooler brown which is really refreshing and super easy to use!

2. Benefit – Brow Zings – $55

My first brow product ever was this baby. A wax and powder duo it’s perfect for anyone with gappy eyebrows (like moi!). Also, unlike the eyebrow pencil, it lasts for years!

3. Benefit – High Brow – $39

So perfect for when your brows are in need of a wax. A light pink highlighter you place under your brow which gives the illusion of a higher arch and covers any straggly hairs.

4. Benefit – Gimme Brow – $32

You may have realised by now that Benefit are the bees knees when it comes to brow taming. Gimme brow is perfect for anyone that doesn’t want a super ‘done’ look. It adds a bit more texture and colour without going over the top.


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