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Mimic the Muse: Kylie Jenner

by Madeleine Borgersen

I was asked via instagram how to recreate this makeup look of Kylie Jenner’s; what better way to share it than a new weekly writeup! Introducing you to Mimic the Muse!

Mimic the Muse: Kylie Jenner

Like all the Kardashian’s Kylie has makeup application skills in her blood, that or a very talented makeup artist on hand every day.

Her instagram feed is an inspiration for anyone that loves neutral but smouldering looks – I count myself as one of them! To recreate this look I’ve taken it step by step with products that I would personally go for to recreate, they might not (and probably aren’t) the products used by her but will definitely recreate that look so likewise, if you don’t have that particular foundation, but have something you love, go for it, don’t think you need these exact products!

1. Don’t Drop the Base

Kylie’s look, although neutral, is definitely not shy of a good foundation. It’s a fairly matte look so anything that’s going to give you great coverage and last would be my pick. I love the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Foundation because it does just that.

It also comes with a handy concealer for any blemishes right in the cap. Too easy!

2. Ditch the (eye) baggage

Her undereyes are gorgeously bright. Use the Rimmel Wake Me Up! Concealer (definitely definitely have this in your makeup bag, it’s a game changer!).

Follow our tips for concealing your under-eyes to give you that gorgeous, I drink 3L of Fijian water a day glow.

Also put a line down your nose and blend out to brighten that right up and slightly contour your face. See how her nose is lighter than her forehead?

3. Blush it Up!

Use a matte brown bronzer to contour your cheeks and forehead. Then apply a warm blush like MAC’s Warm Soul to the apples of your cheeks – careful to not go too high and cover the bright under eyes you just achieved.

4. Those Eyes

Her eyes look fantastic, but don’t put it into the too hard basket. Grab two eyeshadows, one light, one mid-to-dark brown/purplish. NARS’ Cordura duo is a great pick as it has the two colours you need for your smokey look and is small and compact.

Follow the tips on how to get a smokey eye, applying the lighter brown from the inner point of your iris all the way out to the end of your lid.

Then using a blending brush like MAC’s 217, grab some of the darker brown (tap off any excess back into the eyeshadow palette before going to your eye!) and place the brush into your crease (the area where your eye socket goes back in under your brown bone.

Lightly apply the colour in a windshield wiper action and then take the colour across your lash line on the outside of your eye. You’ll end up with a ‘<‘ shape on the outside of your eye. Blend it out into your skin colour so that there aren’t any harsh lines.

Grab your eyeliner, I prefer gel as it’s easy to use! Apply it to the outer half of your eye right on the lash line. You want to apply it on an angle so that it starts thin right close to your lashes in the centre of your lid and then gets thicker towards the end.

Use a lengthening mascara like Benefit’s They’re Real Lengthening Mascara to get those super long lashes!

5. Babin’ Brows

Use an eyebrow duo like Anastasia Brow Duo or Benefit BrowZings to fill in your brows to match the eye makeup.

6. Finish off those lips

Kylie’s lips are a matte nearly neutral rosey nude. Take your pick at the Revlon counter or try out Chantecaille’s Trillium if you’re after an everyday nude that’s hydrating and gorgeous.

What do you think of Kylie’s look? Do you use any of these products? Or is there anyone else you’d like to see featured?


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5 responses to “Mimic the Muse: Kylie Jenner”

  1. I am not huge on make up but when I do wear it I like to keep it natural as well. Great job!

  2. Nicole says:

    Love Kylie she has just bloomed! Her makeup is always looking so on point. Thank you for the tips I will be adding some of these to my makeup routine. Watch out Kylie!!! hahaha


  3. Sara Nielsen says:

    Kylie Jenner is so pretty, wow!


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