Pricey vs Priceline

Pricey vs Priceline: Contour Powder Duo

by Madeleine Borgersen

Looking for an easy to use product to give you a killer contour in a super sleek package? These two duo contour powders are just the pick!

Pricey vs Priceline: Contour Powder Duo

Pricey: NARS – Contour Blush Duo – $62.00

Available in three shades to suit a range of skin tones the NARS Contour Blush Duos combine their gorgeous powdered contours and highlighters in a convenient package.

Sculpt your face to perfection using the darker shade to draw sections of the face back (think the hallows of your cheeks, top of the forehead and maybe that jaw line) and the lighter, highlighting shade to draw high points forward your cheek bones, bridge of the nose and top of the lips.

With jojoba oil the NARS powder is super lightweight and easily blend-able perfect for a natural looking contour. The NARS powders also contain photo-chromatic technology to reflect the light to further flatter the face perfectly.

Priceline: Models Prefer – Duo Contour Powder – $12.99

The Models Prefer Duo Contour Powder is only currently available in one shade however it’s a great middle ground shade that is super easily blendable and wearable for even lighter skin tones.

The powders are fantastically pigmented making it quick and easy to contour out your cheeks or add a bit of life to your brow bone. The Models Prefer Duo Contour Powder is also quite long wearing whilst being subtle enough to still look like a natural sculpt!

The Verdict:

We love a great cheapie and this week the Models Prefer Duo Contour Powder definitely had us at hello! More pigmented than the NARS and just as easy to blend the colour match to NARS Olympia Contour Duo is spot on and the price tag? Fantastic!


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4 responses to “Pricey vs Priceline: Contour Powder Duo”

  1. Daniela says:

    I’m such a sucker for a good contour/highlight, but budget friendly alternatives that are actually good are hard to find! I haven’t spotted the Models Prefer one but I am glad to hear it performed well, can’t go wrong for $12.99!

    Daniela |

  2. blogrekindled says:

    I usually love NARS products but for this sort of product which I am not sure whether I will enjoy I might try the cheaper option

  3. luciana says:

    mmmm I’m a big fan of Nars but will definitely try the Models Prefer one.

    x Luci

  4. Wow this sounds great, definitely gotta try the MP one now

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