Pricey vs Priceline

Pricey vs Priceline: Cream Contour Sticks

by Madeleine Borgersen

Looking to get your contour on? Cream contours are one of the best ways to get that gorgeous shape to your face. We’ve compared a cult list and a new cheapie newcomer to see where you should splash the cash!

Pricey vs Priceline: Cream Contour Sticks

NARS – The Multiple (Altai & Luxor) – $56

Great products to easily create a contour the NARS Multiples in Altai (contour) and Luxor (highlight) are some definite favourites for a gorgeous sculpted look.

Easily applied via the tube and blended out they’re fantastic to apply underneath your base to achieve a subtle contour end-result or applied over the base for a more chiseled, Giselle Bundchen-esque bone structure.

Luxor, the highlight colour, is a definite dewy and shimmery highlight with a sheer finish. Altai, the contour, is a traditional matte finish and the lightest shade in their bronze multiple collection.

Models Prefer – Contouring Sticks – $7.99

New to the Priceline range, Models Prefer’s contour collection offers these two great shades, simply named the highlighting and contouring sticks for less than $10.

The Models Prefer Contour sticks are definitely more of a traditional matte contour with both the contour and highlight colour offering an opaque but blendable, matte colour to the face.

The finish is matte with the slightest hint of sheen that gives the skin a glow without looking sparkly at all.

The contour shade nicely steers away from any orange undertones and is a good medium brown that could be adapted to any skin tone by using more or less product.

The Verdict:

We love a great cheapie and the Models Prefer contouring sticks are just that! The perfect opacity to achieve a serious contour and super blendable they work great under your foundation to add dimension to your face.

You can also apply a small amount of product with a brush on top of your base to define your cheekbones, jawline, nose or lips even further.

The NARS Multiples are definitely great but when it comes to contouring the Luxor is a little too sheer and shiny. Fantastic on top of the Models Prefer as a dewy finish but not enough of an oomph to create that real contrast. The Altai can also be a little close to the warm side for a true ‘shadowy’ contour. For $56? We’d rather invest in the coloured blush multiples!


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4 responses to “Pricey vs Priceline: Cream Contour Sticks”

  1. Woohoo! Glad the cheaper option won!

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  3. blogrekindled says:

    I think I might try the Models Prefer. I was never sold on the look of powder contour on me, I think cream would be much easier to blend and look more natural.

    • I find cream a lot easier to work with! For a subtle contour I like to apply the contour product, then put foundation or bb cream over the top. That way when you’re buffing in your foundation youre also blending out your contour. Super quick! x

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