ProPlenish, The Perfect Way to Plump Your Skin

by Madeleine Borgersen

ProPlenish is a beauty supplement that increases the level of collagen in your body with naturally found collagen from fish protein.

Plump Your Skin with ProPlenishAvailable in two different types, tasteless and citrus, the natural ProPlenish Marine Collagen provides the protein to boost collagen levels to plump skin and strengthen hair and nails.

How does ProPlenish Work?

Collagen is a natural building block that makes up your skin and hair. In fact collagen is the most common protein in our body, making up 70% of our skin. As we age, our collagen levels naturally diminish, leading to sagging skin and weak and brittle nails and hair. We can boost these collagen levels by applying collagen topically in our skincare and also by ingesting collagen containing proteins like ProPlenish.

Plump Your Skin with ProPlenishWho is ProPlenish for?

We can all benefit from a boost in collagen. From your early twenties your body slows down collagen production, so it’s definitely not just for maturing skin types. ProPlenish and it’s Marine Collagen Protein is also perfect for those suffering from hair thinning or hair loss.

Just had a baby, or have one on the way? Benefit from ProPlenish to curb the post-natal hair loss that 40-50% of women suffer from. As the protein is 100% natural, it’s perfectly safe for use during this time, even while nursing.

Plump Your Skin with ProPlenishWhat are the benefits of ProPlenish?

Research showed that over two months of daily consumption, ProPlenish increased skin’s hydration and resilience by 91%. The perfect all-rounder, ProPlenish helps your skin (and hair and nails) to be their best by building up and supporting the structure from the inside-out.

The same research showed for those adding ProPlenish to their diet for 3 months their hair thickened by 35%. Being a protein, ProPlenish is also a fantastic addition for an active lifestyle, aiding in the building of lean muscle tone without any unnecessary sugars or carbohydrates.

How do I take ProPlenish?

One of the best parts of ProPlenish is how easily it can be added to your lifestyle. Odourless, tasteless (or available in a citrus flavour, which is delicious!) and heat stable it can be added it to a simple glass of water, a smoothie, a tub of yoghurt or even a soup at lunch.

You can take one sachet a day, or three, it’s up to you, with visable results typically seen in 5-6 weeks of consistent use. The first spot we saw improvement? Definitely our mane!

Want to try it? You can purchase ProPlenish from their website in a range of sachet and loose powders.

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