Runway to Real Life: Metallic Makeup

by Madeleine Borgersen

Metallic makeup can be a great bold, night look and you don’t have to make you look like an extra from Tron to wear it.

Runway to Real Life: Metallic Makeup

When going for a metallic makeup look the most important thing to keep it wearable is to keep it subtle.

Lower Lash Line:

A subtle daytime metallic makeup look is to keep the metallic colour to either your lower lash line or inner corner and blend out.

Give it Some Structure:

If you’re going for the whole lid, team it with a coat of black eyeliner to give the look structure – a la Katy Perry.

Why can’t I have both?

I’ve done a perfect day look that has the versatility of being transformed into a more dramatic night look should the day take that turn – and we always hope it does!

I’ve decided to go for the lower lash line and inner corner for my look making it extremely subtle, wearable and brightening.

Using By Terry’s Ombre Blackstar metallic crayon I applied colour to my lower lash line and up into the inner corner and blended out any obvious lines with the tip of my pinkie. A coat of mascara and you’re out the door!

If I wanted to vamp it up for a night look I could add a dark smokey eye to the now blank lid or even just a winged liner. So quick and easy!

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