Skin School

Skin School: Mushroom

by Madeleine Borgersen

More than just a delicious risotto ingredient, mushroom is a superfood for your skin, making it’s way into products from Clinique, Smashbox and Origins.

Skin School: Mushroom

Mushroom is the magic ingredient for those with sensitised, stressed-out skin.

Mushroom hydrates and plumps your skin, is a fantastic anti-inflammatory and offers anti-ageing benefits to boot.It contains a polysaccharide that hydrates and plumps skin, can combat acne, is often used for sore skin conditions like eczema as it’s soothing and anti-inflammatory and is good for anti-ageing. It’s perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, providing it’s used without other harsh chemicals.

Perfect for this with sensitised skin, Mushroom-based products soothe and restore skin concerns like eczema and acne.

Some mushrooms also contain kojic acid a naturally occurring skin lightener that can aid in fading scars and pigmentation by pausing melanin production on the skin’s surface.

As a light-weight hydrator and plumper, it’s also the perfect ingredient to include in a morning serum under your makeup.

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