Body Oils and Why You Need to Add One To Your Winter Beauty Routine

by Madeleine Borgersen

Not just for the massage table, body oils have been used for centuries to nourish and repair your skin, hair and more. Here’s why you should be introducing a bottle or two to your beauty routine before the cold weather truly sets in.

Body Oils and Why You Need to Add One To Your Winter Beauty Routine

Winter is the perfect time to introduce more oils to your beauty routine for a serious hydration hit!

Body Oils are Super Nourishing

More than just a moisturising lotion, body oils nourish the skin by soaking in faster and deeper to give longer lasting nourishment. They’re also more concentrated, meaning you need less product and get more bang(ing legs) for your buck!

They can be Quick to Use

If you don’t suffer from super dry skin but still want to give your body a little extra hydration in the cooler months you can opt for a shower body oil that is quick to apply and will also give a boost in nourishment.

Body Oils Can Be Used All Over

Don’t think you need to keep it just to your legs. Body oils can be used in your hair, on your cuticles and more to defend dryness all season long.

Apply to the ends of dry, styled hair to tame flyaways or pop into damp here for a pre-blowdry boost.

They can repair and even your skintone

Suffer from stretchmarks or scarring? Prolonged use of oils on the problem area has been shown to fade those marks right up.

Want to try a body oil this winter? Shop some of our favourites below!

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