Foreo Luna

by Madeleine Borgersen
Foreo Luna

I’m going to preface this post by announcing that I’ve never used a clarisonic. I know that it’s like a dishwashing brush for your skin but that’s about it.

When I was introduced to the Foreo Luna it immediately attracted me more so than the pre-mentioned clarisonic. I think it was because it was pink and looked like confectionary.

The Foreo Luna is a Swedish-made device that essentially does the same thing as a clarisonic but arguably better. It uses silicone touch-points, read not porous like bristles and therefore more hygienic, and pulsations to remove any dead skin cells and left over oil and makeup from the top layers of the skin. This not only provides a deep cleanse but also allows your skincare products to reach deeper into your pores and do an even better job.

The reverse side has shallower ridges and pulsates on a lower, ‘anti-ageing’ setting.

There are three models in the standard Foreo Luna;

Pink the normal/sensitive model, that I have personally.
White for super sensitive skin types.
Blue for combination to oily skin.

There are also another two ranges, the mini and the luxe. The mini is slightly smaller and only offers the cleansing side and the luxe is dipped in gold and will hurt your pocket an extra 2k. It’s also purple.

Overall I definitely love this product and really see a difference, I immediately regret it when I become lazy and ‘forget’ to use it daily. Anyone that’s looking for more bang for their buck with their face products or a more hygienic solution to dermabrasion should definitely take a look!

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