The Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Night Is The All-In-One Anti-Ager

by Madeleine Borgersen

Philosophy’s latest addition to their anti-ageing skincare range, the Ultimate Miracle Worker Night mixes a powerful retinol serum with a super hydrating cream to be your all-in-one anti-ageing go-to.

The Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker

The first serum in cream formula, Philosophy’s Ultimate Miracle Worker Night is an anti-ageing wonder!

With the aim to make skin firmer, smoother and more radiant the Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Night has reinvented the way we can use Retinol (or Vitamin A) to diminish fine lines and minimise pores.

The world’s first serum-in-cream formula offers the concentrated effects of a anti-ageing serum with the hydrating benefits of a nightly moisturiser.

Philosophy’s team of researchers has taken retinol to a new level, with the stabilized form of the anti-aging wonder arriving in a capsule of pink pearls. Added to the cream before your first use and allowed to dissolve into the cream, the retinol is then at it’s peak and will keep performing those nightly miracles for 3 months.

The new Ultimate Miracle Worker Night is set to be released mid-February with an accompanying Day cream (that protects from all types of light not just UVA and UVB – gamechanger!) and the extra-rich eye cream arriving in April.

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