Pricey vs Priceline

Pricey vs Priceline: Rose Water Mists

by Madeleine Borgersen

Hydrating and purifying, rose water mists are the perfect toner for sensitive skin. With anti-aging and soothing qualities here are our top picks to add one to your routine!

Pricey vs Priceline: Rose Water Mists

Pricey: Chantecaille – Eau de Rose de Mai – Pure Rosewater – $75

Made from 100% pure Rose de Mai the Chantecaille rose water mist is a beautiful vanity case splurge. With a gorgeous frosted glass bottle and filled with the perfect extract of rose petals and essential oils this concentrated rosewater is vegan-friendly.

Named after the month of May when the specific roses used in the Chantecaille Rose Water mist are harvested, this toning mist can be used before morning or evening moisturiser and throughout the day when your skin feels tight or tired.

Rose water is also antibacterial and boasts Vitamin C to brighten your skin tone, not to mention it smells amazing!

Priceline: ModelCo – Replenishing Rose Mist – $20

ModelCo’s cheaper alternative combines the demascena rose with purified water to refresh and awaken the skin.

Again perfect for aging, dry or sensitive skins this facial toning mist is gentle, provides natural antioxidants and softly removes any excess oil from the skin.

Spritz some of this floral beauty on top of makeup before heading out for after work drinks to refresh and rehydrate your skin without damaging your look at all.

The Verdict:

While the Chantecaille is gorgeous, it’s also very expensive. The quality of the ingredients is probably higher (the roses are picked once a year in Provence) and in a higher concentrate. The glass bottle is also gorgeous. But is it worth the $50 price jump?

I found the ModelCo to feel just as beautiful, do a fantastic job at soothing and evening my skin tone and given it contains dehydroacetic acid (an acid to help cosmetics not to decay) it lasts longer and is a safer carry around.

Perfect for travelling and for the handbag, the ModelCo definitely has my vote this week!


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  1. Nora Gouma says:

    Splendid maxi dress , indeed the right name for that dress I love it

  2. Melissa F says:

    The Chantecaille sounds amazing, but I can’t believe it’s $75!!

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