Taking Skincare Notes from Khloe K

by Carla Horvath

They don’t have to be your favourite family to admit that the Kardashians have glowing skin and an impressive lineup of skincare. Khloe recently came out with one of her secrets which happens to be one of mine too!

Khloe Kardashian Swears by Laser Treatments

Image via Instagram

Like the old saying goes, beauty is pain… I’ve had laser done quite a few times and have to admit it wasn’t a breeze. But with the latest laser technology it no longer needs to hurt.

I checked out Evolution Laser  and went into try the Q Switch Laser treatment. You can see from my before and after below that my skin concerns are pigmentation, spots, uneven skin tone, rough texture, literally everything and more. My goal is to finally say goodbye to all those pesky impurities with laser.

The treatment itself lasts for about 30 minutes (new lunchtime hotspot!?) and feels like a slight prick or snap. The therapist will put the laser on a low setting the first time you receive the treatment to “build” up your skin tolerance. The next few times they will either go over the face a few more times or increase the setting.

So what does it actually do? The laser penetrates the lower levels of your skin to stimulate collagen for an overall rejuvenation. Depending on the setting the treatment can target sunspots, crepe skin, scarring, enlarged pores, rosacea and broken capillaries. It’s basically the god-send of facial laser treatments.

Before & After Laser

Before & After the Q Switch Laser Treatment at Evolution Laser Clinic.

After the first treatment your skin will be glowing and look healthy, there isn’t any redness or peeling to worry about. After the second and third treatment you will start to see a significant reduction in scarring, pigmentation and fine lines.

Yours truly after two treatments and I’m gagging for more!

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