Snail Mucus Facial

by Madeleine Borgersen

So I tried something really weird last night. It involved snail mucus.

Snail Mucus Facial

My awesome friends Tim & Jess went to Japan to get married. I know – amazing! They didn’t bring me back an oversized Hard Rock tshirt, instead they brought back something much cooler. All the Harajuku beauty products – well the most random anyway!

In my spoils I received one, yes only one single coloured eye contact. Purple too which is awesome with my other green eye! Exercise toe rings, coloured hair chalk, candy nail apliques and best of all – snail and caviar face masks!

Snail mucus or mucine as the non-mucus lovers like to say is slowly erupting into the western beauty scene. Live snail facials are all the rage in Tokyo. It’s pretty gross but it does make sense.

Snails produce mucus to protect and heal their little snail foot as they work their way across rough concrete paths and who knows what else. This mucus has antioxidants, brighteners and healing properties to boot so it’s not really a surprise that using it on our skin would work wonders.

I decided to go all Mythbusters and try it out myself. It was slimy. Really slimy. But it was surprisingly nice after I stopped crying from laughter over how much I looked like a serial killer. It was also really cooling and soothing. My skin today is super hydrated and soft, not oily at all and no breakout.

I think these guys might be onto something!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever tried in your beauty routine? Come on, fess up!

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