Top Nail Polishes

by Madeleine Borgersen

I have crappy, flaky nails and man-hands to boot. That doesn’t stop me from loving a good buff and polish like the best of them. Here are my top nail polishes for a fab look all year round!

Top Nail Polishes

1. OPI – Bubblebath

A gorgeous soft pink. It looks great on every skin tone and is the perfect shade for a classic french or nude nail bed! A definite contender for anyone’s collection of top nail polishes.

2. OPI – Charged Up Cherry

My favourite watermelon colour. A go-to when I want something that will go with/clash against so be fabulous anything! Looks amazing with other patterns.

3. Chanel – 18 Rouge Noir

If you find a colour you love in Chanel, get it. Chanel nail lacquers are another level. Super easy to apply and chip so much less than the average. This one is an amazing deep plum. It’s my standard autumn and winter colour and it’s very slimming on my masculine hands.

4. Essie – Turquoise & Caicos

A gorgeous Tiffany’s aqua. Great for a fun summery look it’s a bit of a cult classic!

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