Top Secrets to Perfect Summer Skin

by Madeleine Borgersen

We all take care of our face but what about the rest of our body? Our skin is the most outward sign of our health and wellbeing and between you and me, looking after it, really takes no time at all. Our top secret? Be proactive!

Top Secrets to Perfect Summer Skin

For perfect skin be proactive. Swap out your harsh body wash with the pH balanced Dove Moisturising Body Wash!

Sure in the winter we can cover up with warm layers, hiding the dull, dry and neglected skin we’re sporting but with Summer’s rays shining it’s time to let those legs out. How can we guarantee our skin’s in its top condition? Three easy steps!

1. Shave

Each time you shave, you remove up to 20% of the outermost layer of the skin (a lot when you consider your skin is thinner than a piece of paper). Skip the shaving regrets by opting for a shower that is luke warm. Warm enough to open your pores for a perfectly close shave but not too hot to dry out and irritate your skin.

Ensure the smoothest shave by lathering some of Dove’s Triple Moisturising Body Wash to cleanse and prep the skin with moisture. The Dove Body Wash has the nutritive power of the Dove Beauty Bar in an easy-to-use liquid form, mixing mild cleansers with moisturisers, delivering everything your skin needs to repair the skin post-shave.

Top Secrets to Perfect Summer Skin

Keep your Summer skin simple by swapping in moisture-packed products like Dove’s Body Wash and Milk to your regular routine!

2. Sooth

Harsh body washes and cleansers strip the skin of oily lipids that keep the cells hydrated and functioning. With the loss of these lipids, your skin is less able to attract and hold on to water, leading to tight, itchy, weak skin.

Restore the pH balance of your skin and strengthen the proteins in your skin’s cells by swapping out your current body wash with the Dove Essential Nourishment Body Wash. A unique option to keep your skin in top condition, Dove’s Body Wash is different in that it cleanses the skin thoroughly whilst maintaining moisture.

3. Soften

Keep your skin in perfect condition by moisturising daily. Irritation, redness and cracks caused by dry skin will be all but a distant memory by adding Dove’s Essential Nourishment Body Moisturiser to your routine.

Rich enough to give your skin the moisture it needs without being at all greasy, it’s the perfect option to protect and maintain hydration post-shower quickly and (of course!) super, super easily!

With a few simple swaps, your skin will be ready for Summer with zero fuss! This post is brought in collaboration with Dove.

11 responses to “Top Secrets to Perfect Summer Skin”

  1. Stephie Vanneste says:

    Hey Madeleine love this Dove post and the photos are beautiful! I love Dove though, as I have sensitive skin and love the bar soap. It is the only bar soap I buy! Oh and I love there gradual tan too. But, yes summer is almost here and between the sun drying out my skin and not using moisturizer I have snake skin at the moment but great post to get those silky smooth legs!

  2. Lady, you make such pretty photos. I confess that I usually find Dove packaging a little uninspiring but you’ve caught my interest by photographing with those blue flowers. Gorgeous!

  3. Louise says:

    I’m the worst about shaving, but seeing everyone with silky smooth legs has definitely made me change that!

    Louise walkaboutbeauty

  4. Sarah Jensen says:

    Love this post Madeleine. I’m such a ‘winter neglecter’ when it comes to skin care (and leg shaving if I’m honest – I mean hello!? Trackie dacks or long pants = the tendency to be a bit lazy). So thanks for these lovely summer ready skin care tips. x

  5. Handmade Kids says:

    Great reminder to take care of my legs – they always go neglected 🙁 Thanks Madeleine.

  6. Yes, it’s well and truly time to start taking care of my skin as the sun comes out! Love your fuzz-free tips!