Top Ways to Use a Facial Mist

by Madeleine Borgersen

We all could use a bit of hydration when it comes to our skin and hydration mists are the perfect product to keep those moisture levels up. Want to know how a facial mist can help your skin and makeup game? Here’s just six!

Top Ways to Use a Facial Mist

To Help Along Your Serum or Moisturiser

Adding a spritz of your favourite facial mist after applying a serum or moisturiser can aid in the absorption. How? Being mostly water the facial mists are welcomed with open arms by our skin, and while they’re coming in they can bring their friends aka your serum or too-expensive-to-even-talk-about moisturiser along for the ride.

Try: Rodial Dragon’s Blood Toning Spritz ($70) that combines super hydrating Hyaluronic Acid with brightening and plumping Dragon’s Blood, Rose Water and Vitamin B3.

Setting Your Makeup

Set your makeup for the long haul by spritzing a favourite facial mist over the finished look. It will give your skin a dewy, radiant finish and also keep those products in position for the long haul.

Try: Chantecaille Pure Rosewater ($82) with antibacterials and antioxidants it’s the perfect spritz to set and protect.

Refreshing Your Makeup

Foundation or concealer starting to crack a bit under the pressure of air con or just one of those days? Never fear! A light spritz of a facial mist will bring your face to a new life adding moisture to your products and getting you through the entire day looking #flawless.

Try: MAC Fix + ($27) made especially with makeup in mind this beauty gem will bring new life to those products and is the perfect packaging for your desk or handbag.

Hydrating Dry Skin on The Go

Hydrating Facial Mists are the perfect on-the-go gem for those with dry skin. Spritz some on, even if you’re wearing makeup and feel instantly soothed.

Try: ModelCo Replenishing Rose Mist ($19.95) as it’s packaging is plastic and perfect for your handbag!

Calming Down Before Bed

After a long day a spritz of something special before bed can be the perfect soothing supplement for your skin and for your mind. With many facial mists now packing aromatherapy fragrances to calm or envigorate these bottled beauties are for more than just a pretty face.

Try: Jurlique Rose Water Balancing Mist ($35) with antioxidants and a gorgeous calming rose fragrance, it’s the perfect bedside companion.

After The Sun

No matter how hard we try there’s still days when you see a little too much of the sun’s rays. Soothe the sensitivity with a cooling spritz of a facial mist.

Try: Dermalogica’s Ultra Calming Mist ($50) to soothe sensitised skin with their UltraCalming complex. Want it to soothe even more? Store it in the fridge for a cooling treat!


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2 responses to “Top Ways to Use a Facial Mist”

  1. luciana says:

    I used to use facial mists all the time but for some reason (I don’t know what that is) I stopped a while ago, and my skin actually has gotten dryer since. That chantecaille Rosewater sounds pretty nice… I’m currently loving all their products.
    I think I’m going to have to start using facial mists again and see if it makes a difference to my skin. Thanks Madeleine x

    x Luciana

  2. Marisa says:

    Fab post! I love a good facial mist spritz and will definitely have to try the Chantecaille Rosewater x

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