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The BookLook: Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan

by Gemma Pearson

Lover of sake, accidental ruiner of clothes, writer of words; Gemma Pearson enjoys good cheese and a good book. Book-worm of TdM’s new segment, she’ll share her thoughts on some suggested reads.

The BookLook: Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan

We talk about madness so flippantly. Forgot where I put my purse? – I’m going mad. Got to work minus laptop and phone? – madness is taking ahold. We never think that it could actually happen to someone ‘like us’…

Smart, happy, ambitious and vibrant, Susannah Cahalan, a reporter on The New York Post, ticked all the boxes. She wasn’t planning on adding ‘violent, psychotic, attention-seeking and monosyllabic’ to the list of adjectives, but that’s exactly what happened at the age of 24.

What started as a touch of absent-mindedness at work soon descended into explosive seizures and manic episodes in a hospital at a loss to diagnose her baffling symptoms.

Underpinned by the force of her family’s unwavering support, Susannah Cahalan’s Brain on Fire takes the reader through her shocking but fascinating odyssey into the arms of perceived madness, and back again.

At times both hopelessly heart-breaking but ultimately uplifting, this incredible true account reminds us that our bodies and brains are strange and mysterious vessels that sometimes, and with little warning, go a bit crazy.

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