Wild Fermented Wines and Why You’ll Love Them

by Madeleine Borgersen

Wine lover? Us too! Make a note to try something new next time you’re looking for a decent drop with a wild fermented wine. With bolder, clearer and more rounded flavours, we know you’ll love them!

Wild Fermented Wines and Why You'll Love Them

Stoneleigh has released two wild fermented wines this month, perfect to enjoy with friends and food.

Wild-fermented wines are different to the traditionally made wines in that the yeast used to convert sugar to alcohol is naturally occurring in the air during fermentation rather than being added separately.

Seen as a minimal-intervention style of winemaking, wild fermentation is making the rounds as the new way of doing things offering a deeper, rounder version of wine varieties. It makes a wine the best it can be.


Wild Fermented Wines and Why You'll Love Them“The real gold is in the palate which, thanks to the wild fermentation, is much more rounded and textured, with rich, complex flavours.”

Jamie Marfell, Stoneleigh winemaker


Stoneleigh, New Zealand wine brand that’s famous for great Sauvignon Blanc’s and Pinot Noirs has taken hold of the wine-fermentation method. Perfectly complementing a range of flavours, the new Stoneleigh vintages are the perfect accompaniment to any dinner with family, friends or your furbaby on the couch.

Stoneleigh Wild Valley, has launched this month with Stoneleigh’s two signature varietals; a 2015 Sauvignon Blanc and 2014 Pinot Noir. Both available from leading retailers at RRP$21.99.

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