5 Amazing Outdoor Workouts to Try In Sydney

by Madeleine Borgersen

Not sticking to your exercise plans because you’re just sick of doing the same old routine on the treadmill? We hear you. If you’re needing a shake up, you need ClassPass.

5 Amazing Outdoor Workouts to Try In Sydney

ClassPass gives you access to thousands of fitness classes with one easy, affordable monthly membership.

A monthly fitness subscription, ClassPass gives you access to thousands of fitness classes with one membership. From pilates to boxing, kayaking to dance, ClassPass allows you unlimited classes per month but encourages mixing your routine up a little by limiting your visits to the same studio to 3x per month.

Incorporating different styles, intensities and muscle groups in your training regime helps to minimise overuse and injury, engage in active recovery and perhaps most importantly, prevent us from getting bored!

ClassPass Australian GM, Natasha Prasaad


Easily book a spot in a class online or via the ClassPass app and hold your membership when life gets a bit busy! Wondering what you could get up to, to reinvigorate your fitness regime? Here are our favourite outdoor workouts to try in Sydney!

1. Yoga By the Sea (Eastern Beaches) 

Saluting the sun while watching the sunrise over Bondi Beach and dolphins frolicking in the crystal clear water. Can you think of anything better? Yoga By the Sea offers classes throughout the day at Bondi, Bronte and Tamarama. There is no sweeter setting for yoga than the beach on a summer’s day in Sydney. And once you have finished a class at Bondi, have a dip in the Icebergs pool! Without a doubt the best way to start your day

2. 6W2S (Paddington)

At 6W2S, founder and head trainer Blake Worrall believes in a healthy combination of fitness, happiness, state of mind and lifestyle will bring more balance and long-term benefits to your life. Join Blake on a hot morning for a bootcamp-style class that incorporates strength, cardio, laughs and sweats. This outdoor group training will up your fitness level in no time.

3. Kayak Fitness (Balmoral)

Kayaking is one of the best workouts for our upper bodies, as well as an amazing opportunity to see Sydney from another angle. Watch the sunrise over the city and enjoy the early morning colors of the harbor. Be inspired before work, and don’t be surprised if you see dolphins, turtles or fairy penguins! Kayak expert and long time trainer Jeff Treloar has created a workout that incorporates soft sand running, bodyweight exercises on the beach and plenty of sprints on the water. Also an amazing activity to do on the weekend with friends and family.

4. Bike Tours (Manly and CBD) 

Want to ride around the CBD or Manly? Hire a bike early one morning or on the weekend and discover secluded beaches and spectacular views. With the largest fleet of rental bikes in Sydney, Bike Tours are equipped to provide bicycles to riders of all levels. Book in and take a hybrid bike, tandem, road bike, mountain bike, or kids bike for a spin around the city. Best part? You’ll get a workout without even knowing it.

5. Bondi Vixen (Bondi) 

Head down to Bondi beach one morning for a fiery session with Vix Erber. A soft-sand workout will help with toning and stability, and interval training will build your strength and increase your heart rate. If you’re going to be office bound for the rest of the day, this is the class for you! Watch the sunrise and train with an awesome group of girls down at the beach.

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