The 5 Best Ab Exercises for The Perfect Beach Body

by Madeleine Borgersen

From planks, to crunches, ab rollers to mountain climbers, there are so many exercises that you can do to get the perfect toned, beach-ready core. With five main muscle groups making up your mid-section, here are the top exercises from fitness expert Ben Lucas to trim that tummy in no-time.

The 5 Best Ab Exercises for The Perfect Beach Body

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Incline Twisting Crunches

Adding a twist and an incline is a great way to give a traditional crunch much more intensity, making it a killer exercise for your internal obliques.

  • Lie face up on an incline bench with your legs secured at the elevated end.
  • Roll your shoulder back, suck your stomach in and cross your arms over your chest so you don’t use them to build momentum.
  • Exhale as you ‘crunch’, contracting your abdomen until your shoulders are lifted off the bench.
  • As you near the top, twist your left shoulder towards your right hip, hold for a second and then twist to the opposite side and hold for a second.
  • Bring yourself back to the centre and then lower yourself back down before going up again.

About Ben Lucas, Director of Flow Athletic

Ben Lucas is the owner of Flow Athletic, a NY style boutique gym that is based in Paddington, Sydney. He has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and prior to that he was an NRL player for the Sharks.

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