10 Valentines Ideas That Don’t Suck

by Madeleine Borgersen

Want to enjoy the company of your favourite person this weekend without it turning into some romantic comedy starring Taylor Swift (such a horrible movie). We’ve got just the tips!

10 Valentines Ideas That Don’t Suck

1. See a Movie, Outdoors

The Moonlight cinemas are still screening and it’s the perfect spin on the traditional date night. Pack a picnic and choose a favourite film from their list. If it’s not screening on V-Day do up a cute card with the tickets and plan out your picnic together.

2. Re-do Your First Date

Whether it was at the local pub, the fanciest restaurant in the city or a day at the beach followed by pizzas there’s nothing like a bit of nostalgia to make the heart grow fonder.

3. Get a Couples Massage or Facial

Nothing is better than relaxing together with your significant other. Book a couples massage or facial (seriously guys, you’ll love it!). Treat yo’ selves!

4. Cook Up A Storm

If the last thing you want to do on Valentines Day is sit squished next to another loved up couple consider cooking up a storm at home.

Pick out a few recipes you both love the sound of and dress up fancy for a dinner for two alone. Worst case scenario, Pizza Hut is always open!

5. Eat All The Bacon

Skip the suit and tie and head to Cuckoo Callay for a good old Bacon Festival. Celebrate everything that’s good in the world with the one that makes it that much better.

More of a brekkie lover? Devon on Danks has just the menu!

6. Go Camping With Mates

Celebrate all the awesome relationships in your life by spending the weekend with your favourite mates. Sleep outdoors, eat too much, swim too much and be thankful for having such awesome, supportive people around you.

7. TV Show Marathon

House of Cards, Game of Thrones, The Affair, Fargo, Sherlock, Scandal. Get wine, get cheese. Live in your pyjamas for the entire day with the best person in the world (and your loved one of course).

8. Go On a Burger Binge

Nothing says love more than a day of double burgers. Start off at Bowery Lane for their true Brooklyn style burger and beer combo and then over to Newtown for that dinner burger and trashcan bacon at Mary’s. Carbalicious!

9. Staycation Sleepovers

For those really out to impress plan a staycation at a city hotel. Have dinner and drinks out and then order room service for supper (best!). Take a ridiculously long bath and pretend you’re on an amazing holiday (for 24 hours anyway!)

10. Babysit for a New Parent

If you’re friends with someone that’s just added to their tribe consider paying one forward and opening up your home to the youngin’ for the night. Allow your newly parental pals to let their hair down for the night and prepare snacks for the Frozen/Wiggles marathon you’re about to endure.

What’s been your best Valentines so far? Are you a hater or a celebrator?

4 responses to “10 Valentines Ideas That Don’t Suck”

  1. adia says:

    love this post, especially the idea to re-create the first date!

  2. luciana says:

    Madeleine these are seriously good tips for Valentines day!
    Now to pick which one to do… even though i don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day… But this kind of made me want to 😛

    x Luciana

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