10 Valentines Ideas That Don’t Suck

by Madeleine Borgersen

Want to enjoy the company of your favourite person this weekend without it turning into some romantic comedy starring Taylor Swift (such a horrible movie). We’ve got just the tips!

10 Valentines Ideas That Don’t Suck

1. See a Movie, Outdoors

The Moonlight cinemas are still screening and it’s the perfect spin on the traditional date night. Pack a picnic and choose a favourite film from their list. If it’s not screening on V-Day do up a cute card with the tickets and plan out your picnic together.

4 responses to “10 Valentines Ideas That Don’t Suck”

  1. adia says:

    love this post, especially the idea to re-create the first date!

  2. luciana says:

    Madeleine these are seriously good tips for Valentines day!
    Now to pick which one to do… even though i don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day… But this kind of made me want to 😛

    x Luciana