Brighten Your Day with Little Flowers

by Madeleine Borgersen

We love brightening our day with a fresh bunch of flowers. It’s easier than ever for Sydney-siders with the amazing work of Little Flowers.

Brighten Your Day With Little Flowers

Little Flowers specialises in a different, daily bouquet for just $30.

Specialising in small, daily curated bouquets designed and delivered around Sydney for $30, Little Flowers is the creation of duo, Sarah and Chris who gave up their lives as advertising executives to fill a huge gap in the market.

Serving up beautiful bouquets from their Marrickville garage the duo has grown their business by over 250% in the last year and we were lucky enough to ask them a few questions on how they’ve done it!

Love the Little Flowers model. It’s really unique and so simple for those days you just want to brighten your or someone else’s day. What inspired you to offer a one bouquet a day model?

Flowers have the power to bring such joy to people, but they were so expensive to send! You had to part with big money to get a bouquet delivered and we knew it put people off. Little Flowers was designed to change all that. We knew that simplifying the traditional model – offering slightly smaller bunches, and just one style per day – would make sending flowers more affordable. We could get an economy of scale and we’d also have less waste. And if flower delivery was more accessible, we knew people would have the chance to send for more reasons, from the sublime to the ridiculous. That made us really excited. We also knew from our own experience that when you’re ordering flowers online it can be a bit overwhelming as there’s so much to choose from. Having just the one bunch meant that we could make the ordering process simpler and quicker for our customers too. So the model made sense on many different levels.

Brighten Your Day With Little Flowers

One of the gorgeous daily bouquets created by Little Flowers.

What’s a typical day like as a Little Flowers-er?

With flowers it’s always an early start. We’re at the markets before they open at 5am, ready to hunt down the best flowers of the day. No matter how sleepy you are when you arrive, as soon as the shutters come up the adrenalin kicks in as you have to make quick decisions to get the best produce. There’s often a bit of lively banter with the growers before we pack up the van and head back to LFHQ.

Our studio is at the back of a cool little café in Sydney’s inner west (Velvet Garage in St Peters) so we generally power up with coffee, get the van unloaded and start bunching for the day. We have really awesome customers, and one of our favourite bits of the job is writing out the messages that go with the flowers and chatting to our customers over email and social media. Once the flowers are ready to go our couriers do a pick up and the bunches are distributed to our bike riders to deliver across the city. Each day is different, but on any given week there’s generally something exciting afoot. In recent weeks we’ve created some stunning installations for the Time Out Pub Awards, had a visit from Buddy the Groodle, made some beautiful wedding flowers and had a pop up nail bar and cupcake birthday celebration.

Brighten Your Day With Little Flowers

One of the gorgeous daily bouquets created by Little Flowers.

Your bouquets are so fresh yet so affordable. What’s your top tips to finding great flowers at an ok price?

We favour seasonal, locally grown flowers because they’re generally better quality, a better price and haven’t travelled so far, which means they’re also better for the environment. If you buy local you’re also generally meeting the person who grew the flowers. There’s something really lovely about that. Getting to know the growers is also really helpful on a practical front as you get some great tip offs about what’s coming into season and can be ahead of the game.

Your growth has been crazy! For fellow startups in Sydney what would be your biggest tip to getting your dream off the ground?

I think what’s been fundamental to our success is having an original idea that has addressed a gap in the market. Starting a new business always requires a leap of faith, but knowing that you have a genuine point of difference and are meeting a customer need will give you the confidence to take that leap.

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Want to send someone a little love? Order a bouquet from Little Flowers Monday to Friday until they’ve run out of blooms for the day!

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2 responses to “Brighten Your Day with Little Flowers”

  1. Marisa says:

    I love Little Flowers! I ordered a bunch for a friends birthday and they were so beautifully presented as well as affordable – such a great concept!

  2. Sarah says:

    I always dreamed of being a florist when I grew up 😛 I wish I was based in Sydney! Sounds like an awesome service! I always get overwhelmed with buying flowers.

    Sarah | More Than Adored