How to Power Dress Like Claire Underwood

by Madeleine Borgersen

Ever find yourself watching House of Cards and wishing you could dress as fierce as Claire Underwood? Yeah, us too. Don’t worry, we’ve been lucky enough to get the tips and tricks from Style Expert, Inez Garcia to rock that Claire inspired power wardrobe every day.

How to Power Dress like Claire Underwood1. Claire Underwood always looks so polished (even on her jogs around the grounds). What are some key tips to guaranteeing a clean and sophisticated look in our everyday?

One of the most important things is to maintain your clothes – have them cleaned and pressed regularly so you don’t look disheveled and unkempt, spot clean your tailored pieces and invest in good quality wooden hangers. But THE most important thing is fit – make sure your clothes aren’t too tight or ill-fitting and pay a little extra to have your hems and sleeves altered to the right length.

How to Power Dress like Claire Underwood2. What are your ‘must-have’ wardrobe staples to make dressing well everyday an easy and no-fuss affair?

The best wardrobes have core building blocks that when chosen well, should seamlessly mix and match with each other. To make the grade, these ‘building blocks’ should be in neutral shades, made with quality fabric and above all be really flattering, such that you can imagine yourself still wanting to wear them in 10 years time – think: the classic LBD, cashmere v-neck knits, a crisp white cotton shirt, black pumps, a navy blazer…

How to Power Dress like Claire Underwood3. We’re all so busy now with families, work (and usually a side-project in the pipe line too!). What are some tips to make an outfit transition between all the events a day might hold?

Great accessories! Invest your money in good quality shoes, bags, sunglasses, scarves and jewellery – they’re best way to update your wardrobe classics from season to season.

How to Power Dress like Claire Underwood4. Any tips for quickly amping up the style factor of an outfit when you’re offered a last-minute opportunity like a work meeting, a date or a catch up with an old friend?

Find your perfect red lipstick. Everyone has one, whether it be shades of cherry, wine or blackberry. Always keep this on hand for an instant update.

5. Dressing well can be such a big factor for our careers. Have you any style tips to ensure we always look strong, capable and stylish?

A great sense of style starts from within – if you feel confident and capable within yourself, the rest will naturally flow from there. Identify those pieces in your wardrobe that make you feel great every time you wear them (so often these are the ones we save for ‘special occasions’) Make a pact with yourself to wear them more often!

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