How to Rock Your Gym Gear Like Gigi Hadid

by Madeleine Borgersen

No one can deny that athleisure outfit you just bought is too comfortable to only be doned on the treadmill.

How to Rock Your Gym Gear Like Gigi HadidWhether it’s grabbing a quick bite post-workout, or opting for casual chic for your daily errands here’s how to rock that gym gear, Gigi Hadid style.

Keep It Neutral

Build up your athfash collection with pieces in neutral colours. Think black, white, grey and even navy for effortless style with zero effort.

Looking for some ideas? Try these Bonds Leggings, The Upside tank and Running Bare crop.

Add an Accessory

Make the look your own with a statement pair of sunnies, hat or handbag.

Style It Up With Your Sneakers

Not only will they make any actual workout all the easier but a stylish pair of sneakers can complete any outfit.

Pick a pair that suits your lifestyle, dark if you’re one to hike outside or gamble with those gorgeous white sneaks a’la Gigi if you’re more likely to keep things clean and indoors.

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