How to Win at Being an eBay Queen

by Briellen Smith

eBay queen – /’i:bei/kwi;n/ (noun); lady who no longer buys even the smallest item retail, but rather will use her list of top ten professional shopping skills to search for and purchase it on eBay.

How to Win at Being an eBay Queen

1. Be Specific

Know what you want and don’t get sidetracked! I learnt this the hard way and have wasted many a days scrolling through eBay. If you are looking for a specific item be specific in your description eg. Zimmermann Black Jumpsuit 3 (that includes the brand, the colour, the style and the size). If you are just perusing still be specific, only search for brands you know that you like eg. Zimmermann. The more detailed you can be in your search the easier and faster it will be to find what you want. 

3 responses to “How to Win at Being an eBay Queen”

  1. Stephie Vanneste says:

    Im so useless at ebay but thats probably why my stuff never gets sold. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Ingrid says:

    Great eBay tips! I’ll be using these coming into the Christmas season!

  3. Sarah says:

    Love this post! I’m a secret stalker on eBay 😛

    Sarah | More Than Adored