Personality Packed Purses Your Collection Needs

by Briellen Smith

People say you can wear your heart on your sleeve so why not wear your personality with your purse… are our top five picks to add some kitschy cool character to your spring wardrobe.

image2xxlSkinnydip x Felicity Hayward Lady Luck Heart Glitter Clutch

Glitter + heart shaped + a statement slogan = all my dreams coming true in accessory form!! This bag is not only super fun and an easy addition to add a playful edge to any outfit (for any occasion) but it also comes with a detachable chain for those that are not clutch inclined.  It also surprisingly big and could easily hold my wallet, all my makeup (and as a self-confessed beauty junkie that is A LOT) and an unusually large phone case so it is a winner in both function and aesthetics!

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