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Top Travel Outfits

20 August 2014

As someone that has endured her fair share of long haul flights I’m always trying to find the perfect flying outfit.

Travel Outfit

One that oozes comfort and practicality whilst still looking chic and respectable. Especially if you ended up sitting next to Ryan Gosling at the gate. I’m sure it could happen!

With my US trip just around the corner here are my top tips for travelling in comfort and style.

1. Tight bottoms and Baggy Top

Tights are not pants, unless you’re flying. Leggings or harem pants are amazing for flying. They’re like wearing pyjamas. So much more practical than a skirt and nice and warm a good pair of leggings can be the one thing keeping you going on that third leg.

Team a neutral black pair of leggings with a striped long top or a patterned pair with a neutral white or grey for a comfy, fuss-free outfit.

2. Scarf it Up!

Scarfs are a flyers best friend. You can carry it around your neck and it either adds a pop of colour and interest to your outfit or if it’s a heavier scarf it doubles as both a neck pillow and lap blanket. That little bit of extra material can keep you warm or comfortable and takes up zero room in your handbag.

3. Fuss-free Flats

There’s nothing worse than waking up mid-flight, needing to walk down the aisle to the bathroom and having to bend down and try and do up some laces whilst the guy in front of you is reclining into oblivion. Ballet flats are your in-flight friend. Compact, easy to take on and off and comfortable always have a pair on hand, or feet rather.

4. Celebrity Sunglasses

Nothing says I’m a natural at this flying business than rocking a big pair of shades as you walk out of security. Distracts from any lack of sleep you may have endured and glitzes up any simple outfit a great pair of shades are your airport exit outfit’s best friend.

What’s your favourite thing to wear on flight? What have you tried that you swear to never wear again?

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Madeleine Burke

Editor of The Daily Mark and all around lipstick lover, Madeleine is a web designer by day and serial TV watcher by night. Her life revolves around good food, good wine and her pug, Wilma.


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