How to Create The Perfect Gender Neutral Nursery

by Madeleine Borgersen

Whether it’s you’re keeping the sex of your baby a surprise, wanting to , or just personally love a more pared back look a neutral nursery can be a

Top Tips to Creating The Perfect Neutral NurseryPick a Tone

Just because you’re creating a neutral nursery, doesn’t mean that you miss out on picking a tone.

Will it be contrasting monotones, rich blacks and whites or more muted with warm or cool greys?

Are you wanting a boho vibe with browns and creams or a simple Scandinavian

Also consider whether or not you’d like to team a statement colour with your palette, a hint of mustard, navy or gold can add contrast whilst still appearing neutral.

Top Tips to Creating The Perfect Neutral Nursery

The Pottery Barn Kids Modern Tufted Wingback Rocker is a feature piece in our nursery adding texture and complimenting both a whitewash cot and white draws.

Select Your Neutral Nursery’s Statement Pieces

Start off your neutral nursery by selecting your statement pieces first – your cot, changing table (or drawers if you’re short on space) and a comfortable chair to feed and settle the new addition will take up the most physical space in the room and visually dictate the room’s style.

Pottery Barn Kids offers a great place to start with a fantastic range of different nursery furniture items (we are in love with the Tatum range!) that can be pieced together to suit your needs, or purchased as a collection to make the decision super easy.

Short on budget? Keep your choices simple and classic – white, cream, grey and light timbers are popular shades that feature in a variety of brands to help you create the perfect space across plenty of brands. Maybe investing more on a great chair, and saving on storage items.

Top Tips to Creating The Perfect Neutral Nursery

Don’t be scared to add a pop of colour in places like book shelves or toy baskets to break up your neutral picks.

Add Accessories to Create a Theme

Whether your style is boho or Scandinavian, feminine or masculine, the accessories you add to your now placed key items will set the tone of your space.

Look for items that compliment your existing colour palette whilst adding some different textures and heights.

Floor rugs, blankets, storage baskets and toys can all be used to make the room truly theirs.


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