Holiday at Home With Paddo to Palmy

by Madeleine Borgersen

Created by Heidi Correa, Paddy to Palmy is a gorgeous, online store offering unique womenswear and homewares with a Moroccan aesthetic.

Paddy to Palmy

Paddo to Palmy offers a great range of casual and chic womenswear.

Offering a range of vintage Moroccan rugs, pom pom blankets, towels, ceramics and tableware, Paddo to Palmy is the perfect spot to pick up beautiful, every day pieces for your wardrobe and home.

As well as running Paddo to Palmy, Heidi also owns an amazing holiday house in Palm Beach. Available to rent all year, this beachside escape is a stylish four bedroom hideaway perfect for a family vacay or weekend getaway with friends.

With style in spades we were able to ask Heidi her top tips for ‘holidaying at home’, creating a stylish and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy every day!

Paddo to Palmy

Heidi’s Palm Beach Holiday House is available for rent year round.

1. What’s a great way to keep your home feeling relaxed and inviting all year around?

I love to get cuttings of Palm fronds from the garden and place them in oversized clear glass vases – helps to oomph up the tropical vibe and they last much longer than flowers. In Winter we love an open fire especially on the weekends – the kids love it too as involves lots of toasted marshmallows!

2. What tips do you have for organising your home to keep it easier to manage?

I am a folder and plastic envelope queen when it comes to admin. I really dislike clutter so every day I place the items that just seem to congregate on the kitchen bench like mail, toys, hair accessories in a pile then at the end of the week I sort it into its rightful place. All important notes for school go straight to the fridge – we have lots of magnets!

Paddo to Palmy

One of the gorgeous Moroccan inspired throws available from Heidi’s store, Paddo to Palmy.

3. What’s a quick fix solution for a Friday night or Saturday morning to switch your home into relaxation mode?

If the weather is good we open up all the doors and windows over the weekend to air the house this always encourages the kids to get outside and play which is always more relaxing than them playing indoors! Vino and coffee always helps too. I love to bake and normally do this on the weekends when I have more time – the smell of choc chip cookies is always good, no matter what time of the day!

4. What are some great ways to make guests feel welcome and at home when staying for the weekend?

Food! I always have a fruit platter or a cheese plate on the go as there is nothing worse than being hungry when staying at someone else’s home. I always make sure they have a few different pillows to choose from and extra blankets on their bed in case they get cold.

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