The Perfect Scented Candles for Every Room

by Carla Horvath

Most people don’t buy themselves good quality candles which is why they make great gifts. Also… Who doesn’t love a candle?

I like to have at least three candles going at any given time. One for the bathroom, another for the bedroom and of course a third for the living space. They aren’t always burning at the same time but having the option is what it’s all about.

So here are 2 of our favourite scents and lifestyle extraordinaire Almira Armstrong‘s pro tips, fail-safe fragrances for gifting and where the bloody hell each fragrance belongs.

The Perfect Scented Candles for Every RoomLiving room:

In the living room, fragrance should be subtle. When having friends over for drinks, the mood you are trying to set will influence the fragrance choice. For an uplifting feeling choose a citrus candle and for a relaxed feeling choose more sensual woody and aromatic blends as the ultimate fragrances to unwind to after a long day.

Try Glasshouse Fragrance Persia for a fragrance that will fill the room.

The Perfect Scented Candles for Every RoomKitchen:

For the kitchen, avoid florals and choose fragrances that are good enough to eat.

Try Circa Home Creme Brûlée for a special treat.

The Perfect Scented Candles for Every RoomBathrooms & Entrances:

In the bathroom or near the entrance way, use light and refreshing aromas. Citrus based fragrances like evoke a fresh sense of daylight creating a welcoming, but not overwhelming, sensory experience.

Try Musq Grapefruit, Mandarin and Bergamot Candle for an energising scent.

The Perfect Scented Candles for Every RoomBedroom:

A perfect mood-boost for romance and relaxation, Balinese Ylang Ylang is a sensual, exotic blend of ylang ylang, bergamot & sandalwood perfect for the bedroom. The aphrodisiac qualities make this a romantic favourite.

Keep Lumira Balinese Ylang Ylang on the night stand.

Fail-safe fragrances for gifting

Do some preliminary research. For example, if you can find out what your gift recipient normally likes, you can find something similar. A totally safe fragrance is citrus and Lumira’s Sicilian Citrus candle is a gorgeous, refreshing scent.

If someone loves cooking, choose a scent that complements the smell of food in the kitchen. If they entertain, choose a floral such as Lumira’s Tropical Gardenia that works well in the living room.

If you are still stuck, Lumira’s Mini Destinations gift box has a set of three fragrances that work well together, layering them throughout the house.

4 pro tips for scenting the home

  1. Burn your candles for up to 6 hours at each time to give just the right amount of scent to your space. The effect should be harmonious rather than overwhelming.
  2. Trim the wicks on your candle before each burn for a clean and fragrant burn.
  3. If you have a small space, choose citrus based fragrances as they will automatically make you feel refreshed.
  4. Layering scents around the home can boost your sensory experience. Floral fragrances blend well with citrus and woody notes.

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