Sonos’ PLAYBASE, More than a Simple Speaker

by Madeleine Borgersen

The Sonos PLAYBASE offers much more than a simple speaker to watch your latest show and it does so whilst still being the slickest looking speaker in the competition.

Streamlined and smart, the Sonos PLAYBASE is more than a pretty speaker.

From the moment you open the box, you realise the Sonos PLAYBASE is more than just a pretty speaker. Intuitively designed and capable of providing superior sound for your TV, attached devices (think Playstation, BluRay and more) as well as music and listening services like Spotify and TuneIn Radio make it the perfect pick for any living room.

Easy to install the Sonos PLAYBASE has three ports in the back. An optical cable to plug straight into your TV, a power cable and an optional ethernet port should the wifi in your abode be a little on the shaky side (we didn’t need this and simply opted for the inbuilt wireless which hasn’t dropped out yet).

Once connected to your WiFi network using the SONOS app, you can then calibrate the speaker to the size and setout of your room using their True Play Tuning for optimal sound dispersion.

Besides offering amazing sound, the Sonos PLAYBASE has a range of other features that set it apart from your regular receiver and speaker setup.

One Remote Use

The Sonos PLAYBASE connects with your regular TV remote allowing you to adjust the sound without adding an extra device to the mix.

Sonos’ PLAYBASE allows you to enjoy amazing sound from your TV, attached devices and a range of music and listening services via the SONOS app.

Night Mode

Saying that, if you do want to activate more of the features avaialble the accompanying Sonos app allows you to active things like Night Mode (making louder effect sounds like explosions etc duller, perfect for when the baby has finally fallen asleep and you’ve got some GoT to catch up on!)

Speech Enhancement

But when that sound is all the way down at night you can end the endless tug-o-war with your partner of ‘What did he say?’ by turning on the Speech Enhancement, that elevates the volume for dialogue whilst keeping the background noise to a lower hum.

Faux Surround

Want a surround sound experience with only one speaker? This is the closest you’ll get. The Sonos PLAYBASE’s curved front speaker gives a dimensional sound that uses every corner of the room to create an immersive experience all from it’s one slick unit.

Spotify, TuneIn, Alarms & More

The Sonos PLAYBASE also allows you to play more than whats on your TV. Using the Sonos app you can easily stream your favourite Spotify tracks, listen in on a digital radio station using Tune In or even set an alarm that will play out through the speaker to signal time to leave the house or hit the hay at night.

It’s Modular

The biggest drawcard for Sonos is that you can build your speaker setup and know that they’ll all interconnect effortlessly. Have Sonos PLAYBASE, PLAYBAR or PLAY:1 to 5 speakers scattered throughout your home and know that you can enjoy individual entertainment when you want and connect them together to offer a unified media experience when you entertain.

The Sonos PLAYBASE is available for $999 from Sonos and leading electrical retailers.


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