Style at a Steal: Black & White Floor Rug

by Madeleine Borgersen

Looking for a great floor rug to finish off your living area? Spend a little or a lot with our latest style at a steal finds!

Style at a Steal: Black & White Floor Rug

Style: Ikea – Stokholm Floor Rug – $299

Who would have ever thought that Ikea would be at the higher end of the price scale? But hey! Here we are. A larger scale black and white print this rug is perfect for a busy home adding a pop of detail but still keeping it classic.

Style: Zanui – Black Chevron Rug – $249.95

I love a good chevron and this one is from Zanui ticks all the boxes. Available in a range of different sizes to suit every type of home.

Steal: Kmart – Black Diamond Floor Rug – $29

For $29 I’d buy one and I don’t even know of where I could fit it! Love the smaller tessellated pattern on this Kmart find. Definitely worth a look when you next hit the shops!

Do you prefer black or white floor rugs or is a burst of colour more your style?

6 responses to “Style at a Steal: Black & White Floor Rug”

  1. I puchased an Ikea rug just 2 weeks ago – the lappljung ruta, which was only $120 and the perfect black & white geometric print. Great for making our tiny 1 bedder look bigger!

  2. Stephie Vanneste says:

    Oh I am loving Kmart home wares at the moment however for a rug I would want a bit better quality than Kmart. That Zanui looks beautiful.

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