Top Tips to a Stress Free Monday

by Madeleine Borgersen

We all wish there was a smoother way to slide into the week rather than the blunt force that is Monday Mornings. There are a few ways to ease the pain though, here are our top tips to a stress free Monday!

Top Tips to a Stress Free Monday

1. Get Organised

Nothing will take the stress out of a new week like planning ahead a little. Whether that be packing lunches the night before, sorting your any emails you need to address last thing Friday before walking out the door or laying out an outfit ready to go.

Making decisions beforehand and streamlining and reducing what you need to do in the actual morning will help to destress and ease your way into a new working week.

2. Don’t Rush

Allow yourself enough time to not be running around like a crazy woman. Whether that’s by getting up a few minutes earlier or by prioritising what actually needs to be done before you leave the house.

Allow yourself enough time to sit and enjoy your morning coffee or check your instagram account. That’s one of the best things about weekends right?

3. Treat Yo’Self

Turn Mondays into Fundays with a cheeky treat. Grab a copy of your new favourite magazine or make it Manicure Mondays. Have something to look forward to at the start of the week to readjust your mindset.

4. Set Goals

Set a few goals or to-do’s for the day and write them down. Nothing stabs procrastination or overwhelm more than a laid out plan of attack.

Not only will you ditch any stress but you’ll also get a great sense of accomplishment when you tick those babies off.

5. Don’t Turn a Bad Day Into a Bad Week

We all have bad days and of course some of them are going to fall on a Monday. Try not to let a bad start ruin the entire week for you.

Learn what you have to, do your best to fix the situation and most of all know when you walk away and move on.

Do you have any tips to making your Mondays better? What’s your favourite day of the week?

2 responses to “Top Tips to a Stress Free Monday”

  1. Miranda Jaie says:

    These are great tips! My Monday was so hectic yesterday, I wish I’d seen this earlier, but I’ll be sure to keep these in mind for next week!

  2. I love these tips! It’s not easy, but it is worth putting in just a little effort on Sunday to be organised (ie: packing your lunch) and getting up a little earlier on Monday morning so you have time to enjoy your brekkie, put together a rockin’ outfit and catch up on Instagram. I also love to spend a bit of time on Pinterest while on the bus into work. I find it incredibly relaxing and makes the trip more fun!

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